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Grab "N" Go Cannoli

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Our focus is creating delicious and fun ways to make cannoli more readily available for purchase online. We felt it was necesary to put the old, traditional bakery means aside and develped the GRAB "N" GO Cannoli product line. We offer high quality, gourmet, hand made pre-packaged, single servings of cannoli based specialty desserts to consumers and retailers nationwide/worldwide. Our vision is to change the way people think, eat and buy cannoli. Whether you're indulging in our delicious treats for your own desires, sending a present to family/friends, exploring corporate gifting or looking to sell something new to your customers. We have the products for you! Our forte is everything Cannoli! Fresh, high quality specialty dessert products made more readily available for purchase. The vision is to create and expand a Grab "N"Go cannoli market that will reach 7-11's, gourmet deli's, pizzeria & restaurants, movie theaters, amusement parks, airlines, cruise ships & more.

Cannoli Stations for all Occasions

Weddings, Corporate Events, Birthday parties & More.

We fill & design Fresh cannoli onsite

Kannoli Kraze offers a One-of-a-Kind, unique & fun service thats guaranteed to impress your guests. We fill, design & serve fresh cannoli on-site in a variety of flavors. We'll take you from the traditional cannoli to the chocolate mousse, chocolate raspberry, caramel french vanilla, reeses peanut butter, PB&J cannoli & more. We bring a little piece of our cannoli shop right to your event. You can choose from one of our standard catering packages or we can customize something specific for your needs. We deliver quality & freshness in every bite. Book us Today!


Changing the way you buy, order & eat Cannoli.
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