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Our focus is creating DELICIOUS, FUN & CREATIVE ways for you to get your hands on our NEW YORK CANNOLI CREATIONS Nationwide! Our Gourmet, Grab "N" Go desserts are hand made, single portions of individually wrapped specialty dessert products. We're changing the way people think, eat and buy cannoli. Let us satisfy those sweet cravings. Nothing says love and thoughtfulness like the Gourmet Cannoli Creations from

Nothing Says Love and Thoughtfulness like

6 Cannoli Cake Cups(Free Shipping)
Only: $45.00

2018 Award Winner Best Cannoli Shop New York!

Grab "N" Go Cannoli

Grab "N" Go Bundle Box (Free Shipping)
Six Cannoli Cake Cups  (Free Shipping)
6 Cannoli Grahamwich's (Free Shipping)
12 Cannoli Pop-Stick Minis (Free Shipping)
Six Cannoli Creams Pops (Free Shipping)
Six French Toast Cannoli Rolls (Free Shipping)
Cannoli Cream Pies (Free Shipping)

Cannoli Cream Pies (Free Shipping)

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We fill & design Fresh cannoli on-site

Kannoli Kraze offers a One-of-a-Kind, ELEGANT, UNIQUE & FUN service thats guaranteed to IMPRESS your guests. We FILL, DESIGN & SERVE FRESH CANNOLI on-site in a variety of flavors for your guests to choose from. We'll take you from the TRADITIONAL cannoli to the CHOCOLATE MOUSSE, CHOCOLATE RASPBERRY, CARAMEL FRENCH VANILLA, REESES PEANUT BUTTER, PB&J CANNOLI & MORE. We bring a little piece of our cannoli shop right to your event. You can choose from one of our standard catering packages or we can customize something specific for your needs. We deliver quality & freshness in every bite. BOOK NOW!

GRAB "N" GO Cannoli

We specialize in Fresh, NY Style Gourmet, Single Serve, Individually Packaged Cannoli Creations.