Cannoli Lovers Gift Sampler (Free Shipping)


Make someone smile with this Delicious-Premium, Hand-Made, Grab N Go Cannoli Gift Sampler.  The Kannoli Kraze products are not only made with Love and Creativity but they're made with the finest ingredients.  Our cannoli creations are Fun & Unique in every way and they're guaranteed to create a memorable experience for the recipeint.  These Single Serve, Pre-packaged, New York Style Cannoli Creations are simplistic but elegant at the same time.  Nothing shows appreciation and screams thoughtfulness like Cannoli! 

This Sampler includes:

3 Mini Chocolate Cannoli Crispy Bars, which is a Non-perisbale, candy like cannoli made from Chocolate Hazelnut spread.  Crispy, Crunchy, Chocolate, Marshmallow Goodness.  Best if kept at room temperature

2 Frozen Mini Cannoli Pop-Sticks (Original & Chocolate Mousse Cream)

2 Frozen Cannoli Gramwhich's (One Original Cannoli Cream and One Chocolate Mousse).  These are Chocolate Covered Graham Crackers Squares with Cannoli cream in-between. 

This package is shipped chilled and arrives ready to eat.  Our Grab N Go, single serve, pre-packaged cannoli creations should be refrigerated or placed in the freezer upon arrival.  Products will remain fresh in the refrigerator for 2-4 days and can remain Frozen for up to 60 day.  Please allow 5-7 days for delivery as we make everything fresh to order. 

Please allow 5-7 days for delivery,  We make everything fresh to order. 

$40.00 by Kannoli Kraze

GRAB "N" GO Cannoli

We specialize in Fresh, NY Style Gourmet, Single Serve, Individually Packaged Cannoli Creations.